#OffTheCouch: Award-winning Film Could Bring Bitcoin to 1,000 High Schools


         #OffTheCouch: Award-winning Film Could Bring Bitcoin to 1,000 High Schools

The Corporation Film’s Crypto Challenge from Hello Cool World on Vimeo.

For its 10th year anniversary, “The Corporation” is raising money for a re-release shown to 1,000 schools across North America. Their original fiat campaign closed at $30,000, and they’re hoping for a match from the cryptocurrency community.

Campaign creator Kat Dodds is making this a race to the top for a special thanks section of the film that will feature the logos of the contributing cryptocurrencies. Students across 1,000 schools will receive a free lesson in corporate literacy and be exposed to Bitcoin for the first time. The updated version of the film will feature Bitcoin’s logo and explain to the audience how the film was able to get a re-release. This is an act that will inspire the minds of future generations about cryptocurrency for years to come.

#OffTheCouch is also Dana.io’s first crypto-only crowdfunding campaign. Dana.io is a startup based out of Vancouver that supports both fiat and crypto-donations, and uses a pay-what-you-want fee model. It is a platform geared towards artists, authors, and activists. Co-founder and CTO Scott Nelson has actively supported the Bitcoin community from the very beginning.

Dodds first heard about Bitcoin through Nelson and working on creating #OffTheCouch. It became obvious to her that both film and Bitcoin share a similar message in exposing financial models that are unstable, unjust, and unfair. As an advocate of alternative solutions for society, Bitcoin seemed like a natural next step to Dodds.

The film’s provocative revelations should resonate with the non-conformist attitudes of many cryptocurrency supporters. Issues covered in the film includes the likes of the privatization of rainwater in Bolivia, to the manufacturing of consent in our consumerist society, and the ramifications of legally protecting a business as a “person”. The cryptocurrency community can now help spread greater awareness of such issues through this campaign.

The Corporation is available on its official YouTube channel:

The campaign can be found here: https://dana.io/cryptochallenge

More information about The Corporation can be found below:


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