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[Live Video Stream] Oakland’s First Living the New Economy Convergence


         [Live Video Stream] Oakland’s First Living the New Economy Convergence
On October 23 and 24, Bitcoin Magazine and Amagi Metals  will be presenting live stream coverage of Living the New Economy Convergence in Oakland, California. This event will be bringing together more than 70 panelists from various fields to discuss new ideas and tools of a new local and global economic paradigm.Living the New Economy is part of a global network of events that are taking place throughout the coming month with aspirations to "inspire new collaborations, facilitate new project partnerships, accelerate the work of social entrepreneurs, and showcase local innovation".Oakland's part of the convergence will be a four-day event, October 23-26, with panel discussions covering the first two days. Panel discussion topics include: Why Money Matters, Roots of the New Economy, Peer to Peer 2.0, The Future of Value Exchange, The Collaborative Living Experiment, Land as Commons, Putting the Pieces Together.  The second half of the four days will be dominated by collaborative projects, discussions, hackathons, pitches, and judging.

Live stream recordings:

Why Money Matters[embed][/embed]

Roots of the New Economy[embed][/embed]

Peer to Peer 2.0: Re-thinking Technology, Investment, and Sharing[embed][/embed]

The Future of Value Exchange: Operating System for a New Society[embed][/embed]

Opening Remarks and Plenary[embed][/embed]

The Collaborative Living Experiment: Co-Living and Collaborative Ownership[embed][/embed]

Land as Commons: Harnessing Its Community Value and Expanding People's Access[embed][/embed]

Putting the Pieces Together: Local Manufacturing Case Studies[embed][/embed]


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