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NeuCoin Launches a New Digital Currency for Online and Mobile Gaming


         NeuCoin Launches a New Digital Currency for Online and Mobile Gaming

NeuCoin, the international digital currencies project supported by three nonprofit foundations, has launched its digital currency for online games, videos and music and has already listed the coin on two exchanges with more to come.  

NeuCoin is designed for use cases such as playing freemium games online or on mobile phones without needing a wallet address or QR code – the new NeuCoin will be payable right onthe game site whether it’s on iPhone or a tablet.  

NeuCoin can also be traded and exchanged for bitcoin on Bittrex and Cryptsy exchanges and more exchanges will be carrying it in the near future.  

Dan Kaufman, NeuCoin project cofounder told Bitcoin Magazine:

“The key points, in my opinion, are that NeuCoin isn't just another blockchain – it's a whole ecosystem of services – all aimed at making crypto more accessible and getting NeuCoin into the hands of millions of mainstream users, through games, social media and strategic distribution.”

NeuCoin’s Top Priority is Online/Mobile Games  

Kaufman told Bitcoin Magazine that the project plans to focus on developing and releasing games as it’s current priority: “NeuCoin isn't just another coin – it's a whole ecosystem of consumer-facing services – all aimed at growth and acquiring lots of mainstream users from outside the crypto world. It’s about reaching new audiences in a fun way and putting crypto in the hands of millions of regular users through games and social media.”

Kaufman added:

  “Having a meaningful user base of NeuCoin-holding players will be an important leverage point as we work with leading game publishers with large existing user bases to integrate NeuCoin.”  

NeuCoin is developingtwo prototype online and mobile games (based on popular games) that will demonstrate how NeuCoin can be incorporated into the gaming experience.

“The first NeuCoin-integrated game, coming very soon, is basedon one of the most popular card games in the world and will show how to engageusers by letting them earn a few NeuCoins for playing, then using them to level up or challenge their friends. Instead of having to pay 5 bucks to buy “in-game tokens,” which is the way most games monetize, the player actually wins NeuCoins,” added Kaufman.

In addition, theproject is releasing MyNeuCoin – the new online wallet that allows users to manage their NeuCoins with just an email and password to access a “super easy, intuitive interface.”  

And NeuCoin “Growth Accounts” let users transfer their NeuCoins into long-term “savings” accounts and earn NeuCoin rewards on their deposits.

Behind the scenes, users contributing NeuCoins to a proof-of-stake mining pool, and keeping most of the rewards. “This will be the first time in the crypto-space that regularconsumers get to participate in mining. We think it will help convert casual NeuCoin users into long-term members of the NeuCoin community.“

The NueCoin website has a consumer onboarding area that introduces and explains the digital currency to new users.

NeuCoin is also partnering with major music and video content providersto develop micro-payment solutions for tipping, pay-per-view, ad-free and micro-subscriptions, with user acquisition fuelled by freemium distribution of NeuCoin.

Image  Lian Chang  / Flickr(CC)


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