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Luxury Smartwatch Manufacturer Kairos Begins Accepting Bitcoin, Offers Discounts


         Luxury Smartwatch Manufacturer Kairos Begins Accepting Bitcoin, Offers Discounts

Hybrid smartwatch manufacturer, Kairos, has partnered with global Bitcoin payment processor BitPay to accept bitcoin for their smartwatches and wearable devices.

The dual US-South Korean company have come a long since launching their idea earlier last year, and have now raised over $2m in pre-sales from their website alone in order to deliver on the significant consumer demand.

The U.S. and South Korean Company has received thousands of pre-sales for their smartwatches and wearable smart bands worth around $2 million USD. To meet the incredibly high demands of their customers, Kairos CEO and founder Sam Yung has announced that the company is willing to offer a 40 percent discount if the pre-orders are paid in bitcoin.

Having recruited a significant team of technologists and traditional watchmakers, Yung has confirmed pre-orders will begin shipping in the next four months.

“Kairos smartwatches currently sit at the cross section between technology and craftsmanship so being able to offer our products for purchase in bitcoin is a part of the fundamental way we look at disrupting traditional industries.”

“We’re proud to be able to offer our products to the bitcoin community and we want to incentivize those considering purchasing one of our high-end watches to also consider paying in bitcoin, a currency that reflects our vision in terms of innovation and disruption here at Kairos.”


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