LOT Polish Airlines Begins Accepting Bitcoin Payments

A Bitcoin signet, proposed by Karl-Johan Alm, could provide a more predictable and stable Bitcoin testnet for development.

This week, LOT Polish Airlines, one of the world’s oldest airlines still in operation, has begun accepting bitcoin payments for flight tickets. Travelers all around the world can now purchase tickets to more than 60 destinations in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

“It is now possible to pay for tickets in such a way on lot.com, as well as in the mobile version and via mobile app,” the company announced on its corporate website.

The Polish airline recognized the growing market for bitcoin and the number of bitcoin users worldwide.

“It‘s just the matter of time when payments with the online currency will become as popular as using credit cards today,” LOT Sales and Distribution Executive Director Jiri Marek said in a press release. “We notice this potential, which is why we are one of the first airlines in the world to give its passengers the possibility of paying with Bitcoins as early as today.”

Customers will be able to pay for tickets fairly easily, unlike other retail giants and travel sites such as Expedia, which makes it extremely difficult to pay with bitcoin.

“The ticket price will be calculated in the standard currency selected by the passenger. Only at the last stage of the booking process, i.e. at the payment stage, will the PSP platform convert the purchase price into Bitcoins,” the company stated in its press release. “After approval of the amount and clicking the purchase button, the client will be redirected to the Bitcoin wallet, and the transaction will be finalized. The client will be all the time on the PSP platform.”