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Issue 22: What You Need To Know About Bitcoin


         Issue 22: What You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Issue 22 is available for sale!

We’ve usedthis issueto present Bitcoin for those who still don’t quite get it. We have worked hard to present Bitcoin in many ways for many types of people. After the basics, we transition into longer essays on some of the differences between virtual and digital currencies and other topics to help get a better understanding of Bitcoin.

Kurt Diston has lent his excellent skills to us and illustrated a unique comic for kids (and grown up kids) about the Fastest Coin on Earth. I asked my 6-year-old son, Max, to help me with creating the comic’s plot.

Indiana Joel is another illustrator who literally rescued us after a new designer I was working with bailed two weeks after we started working on Issue 22. Joel made the cover for Issue 22 and provided illustrations for “The Transaction Train,” “The Miner’s Manifesto,” “Virtual vs. Digital Currencies,” and the graphics used for “What You Can Do With Bitcoin As A Consumer.”

Finally, I need to commend the following writers for their contributions to this issue: Sandy Ressler, Andrew Wagner, Judith Rinearson, Mark Rees, Thor Correia, Dinusha Wijemann, Stephen Malagodi, and Catherine Bleish (aka The Bit Mom).

Free Miner’s Manifesto

We posted a request to miners to help write one document to assist new cryptocoin miners. It has been written, is available in Issue 22, and we’ve also posted it here to download for free. The Dutch and Bulgarian translations were donated and proofread by the Bitcoin community.


Miner’s Manifesto (English)Miner’s Manifesto (Bulgarian)Miner’s Manifesto (Dutch)


Miner’s Manifesto (English)
Miner’s Manifesto (Bulgarian)
Miner’s Manifesto (Dutch)


There is also a secret puzzle in Issue 22 inspired by @Coin_Artist‘s work. Solving the 4-part puzzle will earn you bitcoin. Have fun!

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