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Inside Bitcoins Conference to Shake-Up Vegas NEXT WEEK

Bitcoiners, entrepreneurs, investors and those interested in learning more about the lead cryptocurrency will gather next week in Las Vegas for the second Inside Bitcoins Conference. With an impressive set of speakers and a unique venue, the conference will certainly be a success! There is still time to register and in fact, Mediabistro will provide all Bitcoin Magazine readers a 15% off discount for conference admission. Bitcoin Magazine is a proud media partner ofInside Bitcoins and is offering Bitcoin Magazine readers 15% OFF with code MAG15 –Register Now!

Mediabistro issued the following release on next week’s conference:

Inside Bitcoins Conference is Heading to Las Vegas December Next Week – Get 15% OFF

As Bitcoins grow more prevalent with increased media exposure, the number of people interested in the cryptocurrency continues to increase. After an overwhelming turnout for Mediabistro’sInside Bitcoins conference this past summer in New York, they’ve decided to bring the innovative event to Las Vegas this December 10th and 11th.

The event kicks off with an opening keynote on “A State of the Union for Bitcoin”. The presentation will be given by Jered Kenna, the Founder and CEO of Tradehill, a company that quickly grew to become the second largest Bitcoin exchange after its inception in 2011.

Over the two conference days, attendees will participate in networking sessions, debates, and discussions on relevant topics concerning the cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin compliance and regulation, the future of free market money, the Bitcoin exchange ecosystem, and how to bring trust and legitimacy to the market.

Inside Bitcoins was able to secure an impressive roster of speakers, including Rob Banagale, CEO and co-founder of Gliph; Steve Beauregard, CEO and Founder of GoCoin.com; Robert Cho, Vice President of SecondMarket; Bobby Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of BTC China; Adam B. Levine, Editor-in-Chief of Let’s Talk Bitcoin!; and Ardon Lukasiewicz, Founder of Bitmarkers.View the full speaker list.

You can of course pay for your conference pass in Bitcoins! Each registrant will also receive a Bitcoin paper wallet with a 0.01 Bitcoin. Additionally, an exhibition hall will be open throughout the day where you will have an opportunity to interact with leaders in the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Magazine is a proud media partner ofInside Bitcoins and is offering Bitcoin Magazine readers 15% OFF with code MAG15 –Register Now!

Elizabeth Ploshay


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