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First-Ever Virtual Expo for the Global Crypto Community


         First-Ever Virtual Expo for the Global Crypto Community

Save the date December 5-6, 2014:

First-Ever Virtual Expo for the Global Crypto Community

  • Hundreds of developers, opinion leaders, bitcoiners and enthusiasts have already confirmed their attendance in the Crypto Money Virtual Expo
  • The event will feature live online lectures from the top figures in the industry: Peter Todd, bitcoin core developer; David Johnston and Sam Yilmaz from DApps fund; Matthew Roszac from Tally capital; R Willett from Mastercoin; Kirk Johns from Merchantcoin; and other leading developers and visionaries from the crypto community.
  • The format: Virtual expo that offers a unique experience of Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game featuring online line live lectures, virtual exhibition halls with dozens of virtual booths and enhanced networking capabilities.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore, mingle, and network with the leading figures in the crypto economy – right from your own computer!

On the 5-6 of Dec., 2014, the global crypto community will come together for the 1st time to mingle, share knowledge and network at the 1st Crypto Money Virtual Expo – an “online meet up” that offers access to every professional, developer, bitcoiner and enthusiast from around the world.

This would be a unique opportunity to enter live online lectures by the top figures in the industry, such as Peter Todd – bitcoin core developer, David Johnston and Sam Yilmaz from DApps fund, Mathew Roszac from Tally Capital, J.R Willet from Msatercoin, Kirk Johns from Merchantcoin and other leading developers and visionaries from the crypto community.

The Expo will be open to everyone, and will offer free access to the lectures and to the virtual exhibition halls, where dozens of startups and projects will present their companies via virtual booths – utilizing video, digital brochures and other informative methods. The virtual expo will function just like a regular MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and will offer a fun and seamless experience to the attendees. Entering the event is as simple as opening a browser and joining online.

“Virtual currencies deserve a virtual expo” said Eyal Abramovitch, co- founder of the Crypto Money Virtual Expo. “It is time to open the crypto community to the world, and with this Expo we are offering a fun and free way to do it right from your own computer.”

Speakers list

David Johnston J.R Willet KIRK ST. JOHN

SDApps fund Mastercoin Merchantcoin

Evan Duffield Sam Onat Yilmaz Matthew Roszak

Darkcoin DApps fund Tally Capital

For the full list of Speakers including bios please visit


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