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Feature Your Bitcoin Related Business


         Feature Your Bitcoin Related Business

Bitcoin Magazine would like to thank the movers and shakers in the Bitcoin community who are taking steps to proactively integrate Bitcoin into their businesses and additionally take steps to start up businesses solely based on Bitcoin.

Thank you for the work you and your business are doing to provide more avenues for individuals to purchase products with Bitcoin! The Bitcoin currency is one more step closer to long term success as a result of your work. We are interested and eager to feature companies like yours to highlight the work you are doing to help this new decentralized, digital, peer to peer currency flourish through website and print ads.

As the only print magazine serving the Bitcoin community, we are working to not only meet the needs of our readership base but also provide the magazine as a resource to individuals who are interested in learning more.


All print advertisers must meet the basicrules and requirements. From Issue #8 onward the magazine will be published in A4 format. Advertisement file sources should be sized appropriately with a .25″ bleed margin around all edges.


Bitcoin Magazine orders are promptly and professionally fulfilled by Amazon and distributed by Barnes & Noble’s for inclusion at stores in the USA. The magazine will soon be available on major digital newsstands such as Apple, Android, Kindle, etc. to enhance exposure.


The Bitcoin Magazine is often distributed at Bitcoin conferences and conventions all over the world. This is a great way to reach individuals and companies in the payments niche. Additionally, Bitcoin Magazine has been quoted by several mainstream publications including Forbes, Time Magazine, National Post, The New American, Silicon Angle, MarketWatch and others.

For more information on how to advertise in Bitcoin Magazine please contact: [email protected].

Payments are accepted via Bitcoin, Paypal, credit cards, bank wires and just about any other way you will give us money. However, we ENCOURAGE Payment in Bitcoin!


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