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College Crypto Hackathon Invites Students to Create Unique Bitcoin and Blockchain Applications


         College Crypto Hackathon Invites Students to Create Unique Bitcoin and Blockchain Applications

The College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN), a leading cryptocurrency organization supported by established financial institutions and bitcoin startups including Barclays, Augur, BitGo, Blockchain, Ethereum and Factom, has officially announced the launch of the Borderless Block Party ,” a month-long hackathon designed for high school and undergraduate university students to create innovative financial solutions and technologies through the implementation of bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

The participants of the Hackathon will be mentored by financial experts and bitcoin gurus from its supporting companies and organizations, and will be granted free access to APIs that could be integrated to create unique applications.

All projects will be judged by three panelists: Ethereum founder and lead developer Vitalik Buterin, Provable chief scientist Piotr Piasecki and Whit Jackson, based on four criteria. The three panelists will look into its uniqueness, execution and whether the product truly solves fundamental problems that have not yet been solved.

The winner will be granted a three-month membership to Barclay’s rise hub, mentoring from, $1,000 and a weeklong stay in Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

“The last decade has seen the rise of remarkable new decentralized technologies that both can both empower individuals and eradicate barriers. The Borderless Block Party aims to help passionate students explore these amazing technologies and show to the world what the new paradigm of collaboration and production looks like,” says the CCN team.


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