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Mihai Alisie

Mihai Alisie

Bitcoin Magazine is the realized vision of Mihai. From Issue #1, which was shipped from his living room in Romania, to today Bitcoin Magazine bears Mihai’s imprint. Bitcoin Magazine has grown as he has grown with the magazine. What started out as a team of people that didn’t have any experience in the publishing industry, is now distributing a physical magazine internationally and in Barnes & Noble bookstores across the US. Online we reach more than 100,000 readers. You should be at least as proud as us, if not prouder, of this achievement.

September 9, 2012
Adoption & Community

Bob, the Teaser (1/3).

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Bitcoin Magazine Issue #3 contains an awesome mini comic, “Bob, The Blockchain Analyst”. We could not help ourselves but to release a teaser for those of you who have not bought a copy yet.

You can find out what happens next by going to your local B&N book store and buying Bitcoin Magazine Issue #3 (September 2012) or by ordering it online at .