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Why Bitcoin Makes Sense for SaaS – How Productive is Your Business?


         Why Bitcoin Makes Sense for SaaS – How Productive is Your Business?

The modern workplace is all about productivity. What can we get done now, and how can we plan for the success of future business endeavors? Luckily, thanks to many innovative SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms like Slack, Dropbox, Evernote, and most recently Glip, key members of all businesses have began taking efficiency and collaboration to the next level. Additionally, in what is another first in the Bitcoin community, Glip is planning to accept Bitcoin as payment for their SaaS platform, which is focused on team productivity.

Glip is a conversation platform built for teams and businesses that contains built-in productivity tools to keep everyone apprised and connected. The SaaS platform also integrates document sharing, task management, shared calendars and universal search capabilities within the conversation, which works to further increase the user’s productivity. Glip also interfaces with email, calendar and document applications to help teams and organizations stay informed on multiple touch points. According to Founder and CEO Peter Prezaris, “Glip is designed to support content-rich, fast-paced and collaborative teams; and is ideal for creative teams, marketing, software development and remote teams.”Collaboration, productivity and communication across all business levels are especially important within Bitcoin companies. For businesses, SaaS platforms like Glip and other productivity-based applications could do wonders for software developers, salespeople, executives and other key roles, by establishing a consistent level of communication that could ensure the completion of time-sensitive tasks.By adopting team productivity software, many developers within the Bitcoin community may become increasingly efficient, which could drive continued success of Bitcoin and virtual currencies. However, a single piece of software will not completely solve the productivity puzzle. For applications like Glip to be successful, it will require tenacity of users within the business, a level of structure and guidance, as well as an already existing communication structure. That being said, Glip seems to be a very simple and manageable productivity tool for teams looking to increase collaboration, communication and productivity throughout their business.Bitcoin and SaaS

SaaS makes sense for organizations and businesses in the Bitcoin community, as many are in the “start-up” stage, or evolving into the SMB space. Because the Bitcoin ecosystem is growing, Bitcoin businesses and organizations are growing as well - at an incredible rate. Due to consumer and merchant demand, many businesses in the community have achieved exponential growth in the past year. This makes the usability of Glip and other SaaS platforms increasingly worthwhile.

“Bitcoin helps bridge the currency gap for international customers which can help them handle payment quickly and get back to work," said Mr. Pezaris of Glip.Apart from consumer adoption, the wide acceptance of Bitcoin as a currency will depend on how apt businesses of all sizes are to using virtual currency. SaaS platforms may be the springboard needed to bring Bitcoin into the eyes of business owners, from start-up to Fortune 100. This means that SaaS providers must keep innovating and developing solutions for users, and much like businesses within the Bitcoin community, must continue to look to the future. Companies like Glip just want to be sure your business can do so productively.


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