Mihai Alisie

Mihai Alisie

Bitcoin Magazine is the realized vision of Mihai. From Issue #1, which was shipped from his living room in Romania, to today Bitcoin Magazine bears Mihai’s imprint. Bitcoin Magazine has grown as he has grown with the magazine. What started out as a team of people that didn’t have any experience in the publishing industry, is now distributing a physical magazine internationally and in Barnes & Noble bookstores across the US. Online we reach more than 100,000 readers. You should be at least as proud as us, if not prouder, of this achievement.

June 14, 2012
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Bitcoin Magazine now available in Korean bookstores

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Bitcoin is still a relatively new and unknown technology in Asia. With high tech payment methods available such as NFC by phone that works on all forms of public transportation and usable at convenience stores as cash, and instant and free for same-bank transfer wire transfers by phone app, many Asian countries such as South Korea already have a favorite digital payment method supported by the government and numerous technology firms.

This did not prevent interest in Bitcoin from cropping up as far back as the $30 days of July 2011, and since then more and more students and businessmen alike have been looking into Bitcoin to see what all this noise was about.

In an effort to further educate and provide a strong resource for interested consumers and merchants, Bitcoin Magazine is seeking major distribution in the country through Kyobo bookstores, the Korean equivalent of Barnes & Noble bookstores.

While the Korean distribution contracts are planned through Amazon and Kyobo, Bitcoin Magazine has already found its first home in Suji, a moderately new bustling city right smack dab in the middle of the oldest and richest cities in the Gyeonggido province, between Bundang and Yongin.

The first store to carry the Bitcoin Magazine is 용인수지문고 (“Yongin Suji Books”), a bookstore with a built in a Natuur ice cream shop lounge for easy reading and relaxation as can be seen in the photos below. Although this bookstore carries the English version of the Bitcoin Magazine, with increased demand Korean will be added to the already extensive list of languages Bitcoin Magazine articles will be translated to, allowing for a much wider audience.