Announcing Solar – A Step Change In Processing Capability


         Announcing Solar – A Step Change In Processing Capability

The 16nm FinFET Solar chip will hit markets in early 2015.

We were the first in the world to deliver 28nm and 20nm Bitcoin chip technology and we're still the only producer capable of delivering 20nm tech in the Bitcoin space. We've been aiming for the next step for some time and as the most important contracts in this process have been finalized we can now proudly announce our active move down to the 16nm node with our new upcoming mining platform Solar - to be deployed in early 2015.

The intellectual property involved in the new 16nm process represents a step change in processing capability as we're using several proprietary techniques developed in-house to reach speeds on an order of magnitude above today's levels.We expect our implementation of the new 5000+ core Solar 16nm (FinFET) processor technology to deliver at least a six-fold increase in performance compared to our previous generation hardware (at 20nm) - achieving 0.07 w/GHs.

As this level of tech comes on-stream we will be able to offer cloud services as well as hardware at performance and price levels very hard to match by the competition. However, due to a rapidly shifting landscape within the mining industry we're not able to announce single hardware products in the Solar range for online purchasing just yet. We'll update this space as soon as more info on the matter becomes available.

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The KnC Team, November 19, 2014, Stockholm

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