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Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil top photo

Brazil Approves Bill Regulating Use Of Bitcoin As Payment

Brazilian lawmakers have approved a complete regulatory framework for crypto, regulating the use of bitcoin as payment.

Mining bitcoin with waste, generator using stranded energy to mine bitcoin top photo

Turning Garbage Into Digital Gold: The Rise Of Landfill Bitcoin Mining

Powering bitcoin mining operations with landfill waste is the latest trend in sector growth as miners capitalize on wasted and stranded energy resources.

As bitcoin investors prepare for tax season, they may not be surprised to learn that misguided regulation will make tax reporting even harder in the future top photo.

Collapsing Crypto Yield Offerings Signal ‘Extreme Duress’

The leverage-fueled mania in crypto is over with yield arbitrage opportunities collapsing. How can companies still offer yield products above risk-free rates?

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Bitcoin weighs more than all of the altcoins (or shitcoins) put together, and is superior to ether, tether and more. Top photo

DLCs On Lightning Open The Door For Bitcoin Smart Contracts

The first successful discreet log contract has been executed on the Lightning Network by creating a new type of transaction when opening a Lightning channel.

Bitcoin and lightning on your phone is the ultimate mobile quick android and iPhone way to use the network top photo.

Maturation Of The Lightning Network: Growing Up By Going Vertical

Like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is maturing toward mass adoption through specialization and sophistication.

BOLT 12 and LNURL seem to accomplish the same things for users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. But what are the technical differences top photo?

Why I’ve Settled On The Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

The Electrum wallet allows Bitcoiners to interact with the protocol in ways that do not limit or sacrifice more detailed features for a friendlier interface.

The El Salvador Legal Tender Bill was historical regulation, writing and an important document top photo.

Visiting El Salvador, It’s Clear That Bukele’s Bitcoin Country Is Neither Utopian, Nor Totalitarian

After a week in El Salvador, it’s clear that state-run Bitcoin adoption is a slow but critical foundation for revitalizing the country.

The natural inflation of fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar, as felt by bankers and the legacy economy, is antithetical to Bitcoin. Top photo

Bitcoin Songsheet: Fiat Money Debases Charity

The incentives of the fiat system have broken charitable giving, but Bitcoin offers a chance to make real impact without virtue signaling.

Technical Analysis Markets Bull Bear Trading Header With Up and Down Green And Red Chart Top Photo

Fidelity Begins Opening Retail Bitcoin Trading Accounts

Certain users have received emails detailing their new access to purchase and sell bitcoin on the Fidelity platform.

Bitcoin is a domino that will set off a chain reaction of adoption. Top photo

Crypto Lender BlockFi Files For Bankruptcy

The filing indicates that the firm could have up to $10 billion in liabilities, as contagion from FTX spreads.

Bitcoin is a form of protest and standing up to police authorities and military force in revolution. Top photo

Opposing The Corruptible Fiat System, Bitcoin Enforces Universal Human Rights

The properties of Bitcoin allow it to protect the human rights of people around the world, as outlined by the United Nations.

Bitcoin is a technical open-source software project made of code that can be displayed on a computer screen as 1s and 0s. Top photo

Goodbye Sats, It’s A ‘Bit’ Of A Bitcoin

It’s time to make bitcoin more approachable for newbies by naming the smallest units “bits” which are more familiar to people used to dollars and cents.

Cyberpunk cities of the future, with neon lights everywhere, will likely integrate Bitcoin as the future. Top photo

How Bitcoin And Artificial Intelligence Will Free Your Time

The use of technology will give humans more time to practice mindfulness and do the things they want to do, without having to worry about making ends meet.

Bitcoin is actually a very green environmental and sustainable usage of energy top photo.

Bitcoin’s Energy Revolution Could Happen Sooner Than We Think

Satoshi Nakamoto intended to create a monetary revolution with the invention of bitcoin, but his other unstated revolution may occur first in the energy sector.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network allows users to quickly make payments from their smartphones. Top photo

Data Shows That Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Has Solved The Scalability Problem

A data-driven exploration proving that Lightning scales bitcoin payments beyond Visa and that second-layer innovation is the way.

Bitcoin Is The Hills - Blue landscape and mountains is a beautiful moon and sun country top photo.

Giving Thanks For Bitcoin And Bitcoiners

Bitcoiners have helped me store my money in a secure way that I know is decentralized and impossible to debase.