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Bitcoin mining requires a significant amount of energy but it is also driving miners to renewable energy sources that help the Earth stay green top photo.

LFG = Landfill Gas: Bitcoin Mining Can Turn Gas From Garbage Into Money

Bitcoin can help address one of the most important environmental problems facing us today.

Mining machines, also called mining rigs or ASICs, are used by bitcoin miners to mine bitcoin top photo.

Despite Challenges, Nigerian Bitcoin Miners Are Poised To Profit

Nigeria is leading Africa in Bitcoin adoption, and miners there are overcoming regulatory and power grid challenges to find economic freedom.

Bitcoin is a first step toward antifragility, but there are many other factors to consider when aiming toward self-sovereignty throughout one’s life.

Finding The Path To A Parallel Bitcoin Economy

Texas Slim’s Beef Initiative provides a model for bitcoin adoption to connect Bitcoiners with necessary tradesmen in direct, peer-to-peer exchange.

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Bitcoin Price

World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Launches Spot Bitcoin Private Trust

After announcing it would enable bitcoin trading services, $10 trillion BlackRock now offers spot bitcoin exposure to institutions in a private trust.

As surveillance efforts in our society intensify, Bitcoin offers a pseudonymous, even potentially anonymous, lifeline for privacy top photo.

The War On Financial Privacy Is Escalating

The stakes have never been higher. The state is losing its grasp of control over the people and it is doubling down on utter incompetence and nefariousness.

Decentralized Law Vs Centralized Legislation - Bitcoin is a form of governance and regulation that is separate rule top photo.

What The Sanctioning Of Tornado Cash Means For Bitcoin

What Ethereum’s Tornado Cash protocol being blacklisted by the government means for Bitcoin, and how to read the consumer price index print.

Fixing broken fiat plumbing involves the pipes of money being repaired and inflation leak getting built out top photo.

All Eyes Are On The Consumer Price Index

The consumer price index will define market moves and the new Magma protocol on the Lighting Network will allow Bitcoin to grow even bigger.


Vinteum Launches Funding Bitcoin Developers In Brazil, Latin America

The non-profit will provide educational onboarding and funding for Bitcoin developers in Brazil and globally furthering Bitcoin’s decentralized global nature.

Payments - Bitcoin Accepted as Payment Option by Major US Electronics Company

OpenNode, Launch Cart To Launch Bitcoin Payments For Ecommerce Companies

OpenNode will provide infrastructure for Launch Cart to leverage Bitcoin’s Lightning Network allowing any business on the platform to accept bitcoin as payment.

There are countless elements in Bitcoin that structurally instill the process of Schumpeterian creative destruction into its ecosystem top photo.

Tales From Europe: Eurozone Crisis Shows The Argument For Bitcoin

The very thing suppressing bitcoin’s price in the short term is exactly what can make it so valuable in the long term.

The CBDC one eyed monster is a villain and evil creature frog

The Stablecoin Monster: CBDCs Are A Red Herring

What Ethereum’s upcoming fork can teach us about governance, stablecoins, centralization bottle-necks and the ever-important U.S. dollar system.

Renewable energy potential, wide adoption and deflationary fiat make Nigeria the perfect home for extensive bitcoin mining operations top photo.

Building Nigeria’s Bitcoin’s Village

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria are building on the country’s growing interest in BTC and establishing Bitcoin Village, a safe haven for Africa.

Bitcoin mining will inevitably become a completely green practice conducted with carbon-free renewable energy sources top photo.

Methane-Capturer Vespene Energy Raises $4.3M To Help Cities Mine Bitcoin

Vespene builds infrastructure for municipalities to mine bitcoin, creating a new revenue stream and encouraging education in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin miners utilize special machines called mining rigs or ASICs top photo.

Bitcoin Mining Company CleanSpark Acquires 86 MW Mining Facility

The location has 36 MW currently available and can scale up to 86 MW and the company purchased an additional 3,400 Antminers adding 340 PH/s to its hash rate.

Describing the complex world of bonds with two distinct voices to set the stage for explaining why bitcoin is critical portfolio insurance top photo.

Bitcoin Helps Poor Countries Survive When Government Bonds Are Worthless

What is so important about the gross domestic product to debt ratio and how can bitcoin help the poorest countries avoid another debt crisis?

The digital U.S. Dollar is a CBDC totalitarian nightmare and tech money that can only limit liberty top photo.

Bitcoin Is Money. Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Not.

CBDCs are a form of social control, while Bitcoin represents hope for a more equitable human future based on the universal constant of 21 million.

A developer and an entrepreneur hope to bring community-based custody for Bitcoin to billions of people around the world through Fedimints. Top photo.

Lightning Network’s Advantages As Payment Technology

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is a Layer 2 technology that offers many advantages over altcoins for making Bitcoin into a peer-to-peer payments technology.

Bitcoin and SHA-256 is an explosion of psychedelics, math and art as numbers are put in and technology comes out top photo.

The Dawn Of The Bitcoin Art Renaissance

As Bitcoin unlocks human potential in its various forms, artistic expression will experience a renaissance alongside other aspects of life.