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Blockstream Satellite: Broadcasting Bitcoin from Space

by Giulio Prisco
Yesterday a video teaser from blockchain technology company Blockstream created waves of excitement among enthusiasts of both cryptocurrencies and space. Most participants speculated that Blockstream was about to ...
Aug 14, 2017

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Still More Room at the Top, For Now

by Bitcoin Schmitcoin
While many fear BTC-USD is entering bubble territory, others are calling for even higher price targets. Politics aside, there is a clear push for higher BTC-USD prices and it’s creating market uncertainty.Here are ...
Aug 14, 2017

Last Week on LTB Network: Factom's Paul Snow Shares Thoughts on Bitcoin Cash

by Amy Castor
Some confusion still exists around Bitcoin Cash (or Bcash), the new token that resulted from a split in the Bitcoin network on August 1. Many bitcoin (BTC) holders are still wondering how to safely remove the new ...
Aug 14, 2017

Op Ed: Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and the Untapped "Family Office" Group

by Josh Olszewicz
With cryptocurrency investing becoming increasingly mainstream, it’s important to understand the types of potential investors waiting on the sidelines. One largely untapped investment group would be a “family office” ...
Aug 11, 2017

Ethereum Classic Forges Its Own Identity With New Mantis Client

by Amy Castor
A group of Ethereum Classic developers wants Ethereum Classic to be known as more than a “cut-and-paste” version of the Ethereum blockchain. So they spent seven months building Mantis, a unique Ethereum Classic ...
Aug 9, 2017

Ether Price Analysis: All Signs Point Onward and Upward

by Bitcoin Schmitcoin
In case you hadn’t noticed, ETH-USD markets have been on a very strong bull run for the past week. In a matter of five days, ETH-USD managed to increase by $100 — nearly a 50 percent market value increase — with very ...
Aug 8, 2017

NEO Completes Rebranding; Announces Blockchain Partnerships

by Chris Zhou
On June 22, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Antshares was embarking on a new rebranding strategy as part of its effort to lead blockchain development in China and around the world.Now, on August 8, NEO Blockchain, ...
Aug 8, 2017

The Point of No Return: Segregated Witness Will Lock In on Bitcoin

by Aaron van Wirdum
Segregated Witness (SegWit), the highly anticipated protocol upgrade proposed by the Bitcoin Core development team, just reached the point of no return for lock in. This means that SegWit will be live on the Bitcoin ...
Aug 8, 2017

How the Blockchain Could Become an Image Dataset Repository for AR/VR

by Diana Ngo
Lampix, an augmented reality (AR) startup, is building the world's first blockchain-based "image mining" network. The company has embarked on the ambitious mission of developing one of the largest image databases.The ...
Aug 8, 2017

Finding Blockchain-Based Security Solutions for the 3D Printing Economy

by Giulio Prisco
3D printing promises no less than the possibility to treat the physical world of atoms like the virtual world of bits, allowing users to “email” all sorts of physical objects — that is, they can send validated specs ...
Aug 7, 2017

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Post-Fork Exuberance Shows No Signs of Pulling Back (Yet)

by Bitcoin Schmitcoin
Remember that time I said BTC-USD likely won’t see a new all time high (ATH) any time soon? Looks like I was wrong. Shortly after posting my previous BTC-USD analysis, in a matter of one hour, the price of BTC-USD ...
Aug 7, 2017

Op Ed: The Role of Trading Bots in the Cryptocurrency Market

by Kayla Matthews
Similar to Wall Street and stock trading, bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is a form of income for many. Due to the nature of the medium, however, many bitcoin traders do it as a side project, focusing their energy ...
Aug 7, 2017

Bitcoin Cash or Bcash: What's in a Name?

by Aaron van Wirdum
As Bitcoin Cash, or Bcash, is slowly but surely turning into a functioning cryptocurrency, one topic remains contentious in particular: its name.Many proponents of the coin, judging by popular sentiment on social ...
Aug 7, 2017

Op Ed: Five Challenges You’ll Face When Starting Your Own Blockchain Project

by Jake Yocom-Piatt
Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in town, at least not any more. Since 2009, when the digital payment system was first introduced, thousands of other cryptocurrencies have entered the market. According to a ...
Aug 4, 2017

A New Era of Content Publishing and Licensing on the Blockchain

by Alex Kroeger
The internet and social media have unleashed unprecedented access to information. The time between content creation and widespread publication has become vanishingly small. Along with this ease of access and sharing, ...
Aug 4, 2017

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Markets Anemic After Initial BCH Trading

by Bitcoin Schmitcoin
As discussed in the previous BTC-USD market analysis, the market has begun to test and retest known support and resistance lines on both the macro and micro levels. Since finding its local bottom around $1,800, ...
Aug 4, 2017

Op Ed: Is the Blockchain Economy Ushering in a New World Economic Order?

by Melanie Swan
In this guest post, blockchain theorist Melanie Swan discusses three recent developments in the blockchain economy, using classical economic principles to distinguish between hype and long-term structural change.The ...

Where Was Your Beef? How One Farmers’ Co-op Will Track Meat on the Blockchain

by Benjamin Vitaris
In an attempt to provide transparency to customers, a group of livestock farmers in Arkansas is planning to implement blockchain technology to track the origins of meat products.Economic development charity Heifer ...
Aug 2, 2017

The Birth of BCH: The First Crazy Days of “Bitcoin Cash”

by Aaron van Wirdum
August 1 saw the birth of a brand-new cryptocurrency: “Bitcoin Cash,” sometimes referred to as “Bcash” and using the currency tickers “BCH” or “BCC.” Bitcoin Cash shares a history with Bitcoin, but yesterday it ...
Aug 2, 2017

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Post-Fork Markets Await Enabling of BCH Deposits

by Bitcoin Schmitcoin
As expected, the events leading up to the BTC hardfork were dramatic. Before splitting off with its hardfork counterpart (Bitcoin Cash), BTC-USD saw drastic swings in price with wildly different market values, ...
Aug 2, 2017

These Bitcoin Exchanges and Wallets Are Supporting Bitcoin Cash

by Joseph Young
“Bitcoin Cash” (BCH), a proposal initially proposed by bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain, activated on August 1, 2017. Hours after the activation of Bitcoin Cash, ViaBTC mined the first Bitcoin Cash ...
Aug 1, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide to Claiming Your “Bitcoin Cash” (and Selling It)

by Aaron van Wirdum
Please note: Everything in this article is just advice, based on our best understanding of the current situation. Everything is still very uncertain and subject to change: Be extremely careful!Bitcoin Cash (sometimes ...
Jul 31, 2017

Op Ed: Launching an ICO? Follow This Advice from the SEC

by Gray Sasser & Josh Rosenblatt
Lost in the headlines over the SEC’s recent pronouncements on cryptocurrency was important practical advice for both promoters of and participants in initial coin offerings (ICOs).Most coverage was rightfully ...
Jul 31, 2017

Bloq Outlines Blockchain Solutions for Trade Finance and Supply Chain Management

by Jessie Willms
Bloq, a Chicago-based blockchain developer and software startup, is now developing blockchain platforms and best practices for one of the most promising use cases for blockchain technology: trade finance and supply ...

Blockstack Summit Tackles the Future of Decentralization

by Nick Abouzeid
Following a week of bombshell developments in the industry, from the SEC classifying the DAO Tokens as securities to the arrest of Alexander Vinnik for allegedly laundering 4 billion dollars through BTC-E, the ...


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