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BitPay Hires Jeff Garzik

BitPay Hires Jeff Garzik

Yesterday, BitPay Inc, the world’s leading payment processor for Bitcoin announced an expansion to now 10 full time employees. BitPay, founded in 2011 by Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair, has continued to expand in organizational and merchant growth. Through enabling now almost 7,000 merchants to be able to process payments in the Bitcoin currency, BitPay continues to lead the way in promoting the utility of Bitcoin.

BitPay announced the newest additions to the team. Jeff Garzik, Bitcoin core-developer, will join staff to work full-time on Bitcoin and contribute his knowledge on the core Bitcoin protocol. In announcement of hiring Jeff, Tony Gallippi (CEO, BitPay) stated, “BitPay recognizes the need for more resources and developments in the core Bitcoin protocol, especially in the areas of scalability and reliability…We strongly encourage other Bitcoin companies to do the same, either through crowdfunding efforts or direct contracts, grants, or scholarships.”

Jeff Garzik announced his acceptance of BitPay’s offer: “Bitcoin is growing up, no longer a hobby but now a professional payment network used worldwide. BitPay’s contributions to the bitcoin open source software will benefit the entire community. After working on bitcoin open source software for years as a volunteer, I’m excited that BitPay is now sponsoring my work.”

BitPay also expanded to hire Chief Financial Officer, Bryan Krohn. Bryan has previously worked as VP of Finance and Director of Finance for several Atlanta-based companies in the IT and Healthcare spaces. Bryan’s experience with international banking and treasury management will greatly help BitPay’s service meet the needs of larger clients. BitPay increased the size of its Software development team with the addition of Chaz Ferguson. Chaz is a junior at West Georgia College majoring in Computer Science and has begun making improvements to the BitPay workflow to better handle edge conditions.

In addition to increasing in size internally, BitPay is growing in influence in the Bitcoin community. BitPay is a Supporting Sponsor of Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments, taking place this weekend in San Jose, California. BitPay executives are also presenting at the conference on Overcoming Challenges to Accepting Bitcoins, Driving Business Adoption of Bitcoin, and Funded Entrepreneurs. Attendees of the Conference can meet the entire BitPay team.

One of the main steps to increase the success of Bitcoin, is easing the payment processing of Bitcoin. BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. Bitcoin Magazine commends the work of BitPay and wishes continual success and growth opportunities for the company.

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  • Ariel Horwitz

    Shows how small the “community” still is.

    If BitPay is “sponsoring” his work on the core software development, or even if he is still developing for both exclusively, there may be a conflict of interests.

    I am by no means calling foul play, but there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of money floating around the core development. The foundation’s board which sponsors Gavin’s work is made up of many businesses in the bitcoin space. But I think it is in everyone’s (including these “sponsors”) best interest to make bitcoin as good as possible for the whole world and not prioritize their ventures – for the sake of their ventures.

    It just goes to show how everyone “there at the top” are close to one another. They are all totally going to form a “bitcoin rich kids” club. And they probably “deserve” it. They saw and believed in it (enough to put their money where their mouth is) among the first.