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Bitcoin Magazine Issue 5

Bitcoin Magazine Has New Ownership

6 December 2012

ORLANDO – Bitcoin Magazine, the premier print and digital publication focusing on the new Bitcoin technology, has been purchased by a group of individuals well-known in the Bitcoin community, who are all dedicated to Bitcoin and its success.

Coin Publishing LLC is the new entity based in Florida that will be taking over the full operations of Bitcoin Magazine effective immediately, purchasing the assets and contracts from Bittalk Media Ltd for an undisclosed sum of cash plus bitcoins.

Coin Publishing LLC is collectively owned by individuals owning or working at BitPay, Butterfly Labs, Google, Casascius, 20 Mission, and Virtual Processing Solutions.

Mihai Alisie has signed a 12-month contract to work as Editor in Chief, and Vitalik Buterin has also signed a 12-month contract to work as Lead Writer and Webmaster.  The entire creative team that has been producing outstanding work under Mihai on the first 5 issues will continue to contribute to the magazine.  In addition, many new writers will contribute to the publication and the team will continue to expand in 2013.

A new website will soon be launched as the new interactive portal for Bitcoin Magazine going forward.  The team will also be working to release a digital download version of the previous issues as soon as possible.  Issue 5 is now on sale at the current website along with discounted bundles of all back issues.

Bitcoin Magazine has also moved to a new support ticketing system.  Customer support can be reached at [email protected] which will automatically generate a support ticket.

The distribution contract with Barnes & Noble will continue uninterrupted.  The distributor is also located in Florida, which will be easier and more cost-effective to work with.  Coin Publishing will also look to expand distribution into Europe and Asia/Australia in early 2013.

Bitcoin Magazine is reducing its advertising rates by $100 for all inside page ads.  We would like to see more businesses showcased in Bitcoin Magazine.  If you would like to inquire about advertising, email [email protected].  Full page ads are now $495 and half-page ads are $295.

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Jan Jahosky
Press Relations
Bitcoin Magazine
[email protected]


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  • deafboy

    So… Jered and Giga as owners of Bitcoin magazine. I can smell the shitstorm on the forum without even looking. I wish you the best luck anyway. And don’t ever do what you have done in the past :)

  • Dusty

    That’s an interesting upturn of events, I wish you the best of luck and I hope this will bring more editors for the online version of the magazine. Vitalik you are great, but more would be welcome :)

    • Vitalik Buterin

       It will. The print version of issue 6 will likely be, for the first time, less than 50% me, and we’ll be expanding more as we get a solid team sorted out.

  • Brad B

    This is really good news!

  • Sebastian Guła

    Very nice cover, looks so professional. Good luck! :)

  • The Doctor

    Bitcoin Magazine is on the shelves at Micro Center as well.  Interesting.

  • Sebastian Guła

     Are orders for Europe still being sent from Romania?

  • Dusty

    Very nice new site theme! Keep up the great work