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Butterfly Labs Releases More ASIC Photos

Disclaimer: Bitcoin Magazine has previously run advertisements for Butterfly Labs. This article was written independently of this fact. -Ed.

In an upcoming article in our next issue of Bitcoin Magazine, Butterfly Labs, arguably the market leader of manufacturing and selling Bitcoin mining equipment, has released a sneak preview of their current state of development for their ASIC-based Bitforce SC line of computers, scheduled to be released in late November or December. As a sneak peek, we have two images for you.

The company has responded to recent criticism with some images. The photo above shows one of the boards in the Minirig SC, the $29,899 version of Butterfly Labs’ product that Butterfly Labs claims will be able to produce 1.5 terahashes per second while consuming only 1500 watts of power. This board, also shared by the Bitforce Single SC, is 92x92mm in size, and holds the entire processing power of a Bitforce Single SC. The Single SC as a whole will have a base area of 98x98mm fully assembled, and will be 74mm high. Each of the eight black squares on the board is a chip capable of computing 7.5 GH/s. Its theoretical maximum output is even higher, but the decision was made to limit the computing power of each chip to provide quieter operation. The Bitforce SC Mini Rig, the $29,899 traditional desktop computer-sized version of the Single, will use the same boards, but most likely with a higher clock rate. The Bitforce SC Jalapeno will use a modified board with only one chip, whose operating capacity is further reduced to meet the limited power availability through the USB bus.

Butterfly Labs promises to release more information in the coming weeks, and with the November/December ship date rapidly approaching, eager customers and those watching from the sidelines do not have very much longer to wait.


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  • tehace

    It will be interesting to see someone independent of bfl who has experience with this sort look over these and see if this is really the real deal!

    • Mathieu Gagnon

       It’ll be the real deal when it hashes.  What do you expect ?

      • tehace

         My point was that anyone can show a picture of some ICs on a board but some people could probably tell if it looks like the real deal. Indeed hashing will be the real test though 😛

  • guest

    I would like to see the full article, but gotta wait for the issue to ship.

  • TestyCalls

    How does the heatsink cool the chip with the plastic package in the way?

  • guest

    People need to take off their foil hats, just accept that BFL is a real company and they are making the best bitcoin hardware you can find… End of story.

    • guest

       Thank you!!!

  • Yakamoto

    ive preorderd 2 , ill pay 2000$ to get it now please.

  • Bby56567

    I believe it when I can see the ORDER buttton instead of the PREORDER button, and there shipping times are like a normal company and not  couple month process….

    Donate if you feel me lol.


    • Pi83

      Your donation made me lol

  • Ade

    If Miners agreed to use only cpus, the network difficulty would drop and they wouldn’t need to go to the expense of these new boards, they’d save lots of money. Of course they’d all have to agree to play fair and not secretly use GPU, If it dropped back to cpu, more miners could get in on the act. But then’ what’s to prevent them using GPU or FPGA, and once one started mining more than his agreed share, they’d all be back tp buying these FPGAs. such a shame that we as a species are not more inclined to work together for mutual benefit rather than personal instant gratification. 

    • Kory

       The current system is one of capitalism and you are suggesting that we all use pick-axes and shovels to mine for coal because it is not fair that other companies use heavier equipment to get the job done.  If mining is not for you then use your cash to buy them rather than mining them.

    • Mimarob

      You should check out the tenebrix / fairbrix and similar projects using “scrypt”. This algorithm is specificially designed and tweakable to be GPU-hostile. The current ASIC would be worthless if scrypt took over mining.

    • Matt Whitlock

      Wahhh! It’s not fair! Do you understand what you’re arguing for? Even if it were possible to force everyone to use CPUs only, doing so would cripple the Bitcoin network’s resistance to attack. If you’re a Bitcoin user, you should want the most possible hashing power on the network because that makes it less likely that the integrity of the network will be compromised.

      Capitalism isn’t always pretty, but it works, it’s objective, and it requires nothing more than the human desire for self-improvement. Call that “greed” if you want, but it’s what makes the whole thing work. Compare that to what you’re suggesting, which is that everyone stop trying to outperform everyone else. We’d be a race of underachievers. I’ll take the greed, thanks.