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torrentleech bitcoin Now Accepting Bitcoins, a torrent tracking service with a massive 500k userbase, is now accepting and even encouraging Bitcoins as donations and in exchange for VIP accounts.

TorrentLeech believes that “Bitcoin payments safeguard your privacy and protect your anonymity,” and are “strong believers of the Bitcoin.” For these reasons, they are offering 1-3 months of extra VIP subscription for each donation via Bitcoin, depending on the amount donated.

TorrentLeech has even gone so far as to create their own wiki page1 to aid users in acquiring and using Bitcoins.

With the encouragement for users to use Bitcoin, and a userbase half the size of the estimated one million people using Bitcoin, this new donation policy could very well result in a large number of new Bitcoin users over the coming months.


Do you think TorrentLeech’s announcement will have an effect on the number of active Bitcoin users?  Leave a comment and tell us why, or send an email to [email protected]



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    I would think various file sharing services are ripe to start adopting Bitcoin. One mover like this one and all the copycats will jump on the bandwagon. Just wait and see…

    • Chalkbot

      usenet search provider “Nzbs R US” has also adopted the bitcoin model, and now only accept bitcoins for VIP status at the site.

  • Jonas Eriksson

    So, bullish trend ahead?

  • Trace Mayer

    Was reading through their wiki and think they may find it useful to direct people towards a free Bitcoin guide that will help reduce the learning curve.

  • Erik Voorhees

    Excellent news. Expect more of it.

  • guest

    This is excellent news for the Bitcoin community. Should be very good for the market.

  • tehace

    this is great news. I might sign up for them just because they accept my bitcoins

  • Nephryte

    Excellent, excellent, great articles as always, etc. (and I really do mean all this), but…

    …could you be so kind please and return to using normal hyperlinks for your references? This superscripted numbering and the continuous scrolling it necessitates (in longer articles) is most annoying. Or keep the numbering if you like it, but please use normal links as well; those make life much easier. Thanks. :)

    Still, the articles are really great, I really like your writings. Keep up the good work! :)